Solo Blender Solen


Put in the ingredients, and attach the blade

Put ingredients into the Tritan bottle (or the glass jar) and attach the blade.

Attach the bottle to the main body.

Turn the Tritan bottle (or the glass jar) upside down, and attach it to the main body. Turn so that the ▼ symbol on the blade lines up with the ▲ symbol on the main body, and firmly lock it in place.

Press the switch to blend

Press the switch, and blend. Designed for safety, the product only operates when the switch is held down. Pulse the button the first few times, pushing and releasing for about one second each. When the ingredients have started to come together, press the switch continuously to blend to your liking.

Remove the bottle from the main body

Hold the blade and the Tritan bottle (or glass jar) together with your hand so that the blade does not come loose. Twist so that the q symbol on the blade and the p symbol on the main body are offset, and remove.

*Do not remove the bottle on its own. Always remove the bottle and the blade together.

Remove the blade from the bottle, and attach the cap.

Remove the blade from the Tritan bottle (or glass jar), and attach a cap as needed. (Both the metal cap and the drinking cap can be attached to either the Tritan bottle or the glass jar.)

Enjoy your drink as is

Enjoy your drink without having to pour it into a glass. With the drink cap,you can drink from the bottle directly, and with the metal cap, enjoy it with a straw.

Cleaning after use

You can wash all the components clean, since the bottle, cap, and even the blade can be completely removed.

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