Solo Blender Solen


Feature 01


Make smoothies, soups, dressings, and sauces!

Make smoothies and soups, as well as frozen drinks with ice, and even dressings and sauces. With the Solo Blender Solen, you can easily get plenty of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

  • Easily make fresh juices and smoothies with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

  • You can even use heated, soft squash or potatoes to make soup.

  • Easily make sauces and dressings, too. Use fresh ingredients for rich and flavorful creations.

  • Make jam-like sauces that go great with pancakes by using gently heated fruits.

  • Make cold and tasty sherbet-like drinks by whipping up half-thawed frozen fruits and vegetables.

Feature 02


Comes with two types of bottles you can use to suit your needs

This product comes with two bottles, the glass jar and the Tritan bottle, that you can choose according to your needs or to match the recipe. For both bottles, all you need to do it attach the blade, attach the bottle to the main body, and press the switch. You can use both in place of a cup. The glass jar is handy for dressings and soups, as it does not retain aromas.

  • Left: The lightweight and strong, easy-to-carry Tritan bottle. Volume 400ml. Perfect for making daily smoothies or taking your drink with you. Right: A glass jar with a handle. Volume 300ml. Use the metal cap with a hole for a straw, and feel like you’re at a café.

  • A drink cap with a mouthpiece that makes it easy to drink or pour directly from the bottle.

  • The drink cap has a lid that closes, making it convenient for carrying around or storing. The cap can be used with either bottle.

  • A metal cap you can stick a straw through.

  • Drinks look cute with a metal cap and a straw. Can be used with either bottle.

Feature 03


Just attach the blade andpress the switch

All you have to do is put your ingredients into the bottle, attach the blade, attach the bottle to the main body, and press the switch. By simply removing the blade from the bottle and replacing it with a cap, you can enjoy your drink fresh-made, as it is.

  • Attach the blade to the bottle of ingredients.

  • Attach the bottle to the main boy, and press the switch to blend.

  • After it’s finished blending, remove the blade from the bottle and replace it with a cap to enjoy your drink fresh.

Feature 04


A design with allwashable parts

All of the components, the bottles, caps, and usually difficult-to-wash blade, can be disassembled, fully removed, and washed completely, so you can always use a clean product.

  • Every component except for the main body can be fully washed, making cleanup easy. Even the troublesome seal on the blade can be easily removed with the included seal stick.

Feature 05


Comes with a recipe book supervised by a certified nutritionist

Features 22 recipes supervised by a certified nutritionist, including fresh smoothies you’ll want to drink every day, as well as soups, dressings, and sauces.

Feature 06


Ice is okay too! Enjoy frozen drinks

Easily enjoy frozen drinks, too, by blending liquids with your ice and frozen fruits made at home. *Does not make crushed ice.

  • Add ice you made at home and your favorite fruits to the bottle and blend to make cold drinks. You can even blend half-thawed frozen fruit to easily make frozen drinks.

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