Solo Blender Solen

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t press the switch…
The product is designed so that the switch cannot be pressed if the glass jar or Tritan bottle is not correctly attached to the main body. See the included instruction manual for information about how to attach the components.
It gives off a burning smell when I use it. Is this unusual?
This smell comes from friction in the motor, but there is no problem with the product. Use it according to the standard time rating written in the included instruction manual.
The ingredients just go around in circles, without blending.
Pulse the button a few times to start (press the button for one or two seconds, and release). This will make it easier for the ingredients to stay in place and to blend.
What is the difference between the Solo Blender series and the Mill Cap and Capsule Cutter series?
The Solo Blender blends liquids and solid ingredients to make smoothies and purees. The Mill Cap is used for pulverizing dry foods. (The Mill Cap cannot be used with the Solo Blender Solen.) The Capsule Cutter finely chops ingredients, crushes ice into small pieces, and is used for processing solids into small pieces.
Can this be used for grating daikon radish?
No, this product is not suitable for grating daikon.
Can this product blend hot ingredients?
It cannot blend hot liquids. Allow heated ingredients to cool complete (to below 40°C). When making soup, move the liquid to a pot or other heat-resistant container after blending to reheat.
Is the glass jar made of heat-resistant glass? Can it be put in the microwave?
The glass jar is not made of heat-resistant glass. It cannot be used with a microwave or other heat source (oven, open flame, induction stovetop, etc.).
Can ice be used in this product?
You may use ice made at home in an ice tray. Ice cannot be blended on its own, so always blend it along with a liquid. This product cannot be used with hard ice sold on the market.
Can it break ice into small pieces?
No, it does not have an ice-crushing function.
Can frozen ingredients be added?
Fruits and vegetables that have been cut up and frozen can be blended along with liquids. Frozen ingredients cannot be blended on their own.
Cleaning the glass jar, Tritan bottle, and blade
■Glass jar, Tritan bottle
・Dilute dish detergent in cold or warm water, and wash with a soft sponge. Rinse directly with water, and dry completely.
・The glass jar and Tritan bottle can be washed in a dishwasher. (The Solo Blender Solen’s main body and other components cannot be washed in a dishwasher.)
・Remove the seal from the blade after using, wash the blade and seal, and dry completely. Be careful not to cut the hand or fingers on the blade. For information on how to remove and attach the seal, see the included instruction manual.
・If there are food ingredients still stuck to the inside of the blade component or the Tritan bottle, fill the bottle with water, attach to the main body, plug in the product, and blend for several seconds. This will make remaining debris easier to remove.
Can it be washed in a dishwasher?
The glass jar and Tritan bottle can be washed in a dishwasher. (The Solo Blender Solen’s main body and other components cannot be washed in a dishwasher. *Follow the usage instructions for the dishwasher you have.
Cleaning components that cannot be washed in water
Wipe off soiled parts with a well-wrung cloth, rag, or paper towel. Do not wash the main body in water under any circumstances. This may lead to short-circuiting, electric shock, or damage.

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