Press Sand Maker Quilt


Place main body on a flat surface

Place the main body on a flat surface, and close the cover all the way down.

Turn on, preheat

Plug the power cord into an outlet, and start preheating (the light will go on).

Open cover, put in bread and ingredients

When the light goes off, that’s the signal that preheating is done. Open the cover of the main body, put in a slice of bread, ingredients, and another slice of bread. (Before putting in the bread, you may wish to spread cooking oil or butter onto the top and bottom plates.

Close cover while holding down bread

Lightly hold down the top slice of bread so that it doesn’t move, and close the cover.

Secure the handle lock

Hold the top and bottom handles, and secure the handle lock (choose and adjust the positioning of the lock to one of three positions, to suit the thickness of the ingredients). Some of the bread may stick out due to its shape or size, but this is not a problem.

Open cover and remove

When it’s finished cooking, open the cover and remove your sandwich with tongs or a similar tool (be careful to avoid getting burned when removing your sandwich).

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