Press Sand Maker Quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

What thickness of bread is suitable for this product?
For sandwiches, we recommend bread 1 to 2cm thick. For toasting a single slice of bread, a thickness of about 3cm can be toasted. Larger types of sandwich bread may not fit into the plate. Use the product after checking the size, or if the bread is too big, cut it to fit the plate.
Can ingredients other than sandwich bread be used?
Bread that is of a size that can fit into the plates, such as baguettes or English muffins, can be used. For ingredients other than bread, see details in the included exclusive recipe book.
Can this product make pancakes?
Do not use this product for baking with liquid batter. The batter may leak out from between the plates and cause damage.
How many minutes does it take to cook with this product?
It depends on the thickness of the bread and the ingredients in the sandwich, but after preheating, it takes about 3 minutes to cook.
Can the plates be removed?
No. These are stationary plates with good heat conduction, that cook in a short period of time.
Cleaning the plates.
After the plates have cooled, remove ingredients or bread crumbs left on the plates’ surfaces, especially in the grooved areas, using a cooking brush with soft hairs. Then wipe with a dry cloth. For burnt ingredients stuck to the surface or difficult-to-remove soiling or oil, wipe with a damp paper towel while the plates are still warm. Use tongs for this process, and be careful about burning.

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