Press Sand Maker Quilt


Feature 01


Golden brown in only about 3 minutes!

After you plug it in and it preheats for a few minutes, just put your favorite ingredients between some sandwich bread and cook. The stationary plate setup has excellent heat conduction, so your sandwich will be done in no time. Much tastier than those with replaceable plates!

  • The stationary design makes it easy for heat to reach the plates. With a cooking time of only 3 minutes, you can make a delicious toasted sandwich that’s golden-brown all the way to the crust.

Feature 02


Crispy all the way to the crust, and a cute grill pattern!

The Press Sand Maker Quilt is just the right size to grill sandwich bread all the way to the crust. It cooks delicious sandwiches, crispy all the way to the crust, leaving nothing behind. The grill marks make a quilt pattern, giving you a cute sandwich even when it’s just on your plate.

  • Sandwich bread fits perfectly, right to the crust.

  • Toasted sandwiches that are crispy all the way to the crust have a great texture, too!So tasty, even people who normally don’t like bread crust will enjoy it.

Feature 03


A three-tier handle locklets you grill thicker sandwiches!

The handle lock can be adjusted to three different tiers, so you can cook the kind of sandwich you like, from thin ones to voluminous ones. Make original toasted sandwiches by combining your favorite ingredients, using your leftovers or side dishes too.
*Be careful about using items with a lot of moisture.

  • Even thick sandwiches full of hamburger or mince cutlet can be pressed and grilled.

Feature 04


Baguettes and English muffins, too! Enjoy with all kinds of bread

Choose the bread of your liking, from thin to thick. With a thicker slice of sandwich bread (about 3cm), place one slice as is into the Press Sand Maker Quilt and grill to make delicious toast that’s perfectly cooked on both sides. It doesn’t have to be sandwich bread, either: enjoy all kinds of bread, including baguettes and English muffins. Make your own original toasted sandwiches with your favorite bread and ingredients.

  • Use any kind of bread you like, from sandwich bread, to English muffins, to country bread, to baguettes. We also recommend crisply toasting thickly-cut bread on its own.

  • English muffins are also the perfect size for the Press Sand Maker Quilt.

  • Toast a thicker slice of sandwich bread on its own. We recommend making sugar toast after toasting both sides golden brown.

Feature 05


Creative recipes aside from toasted sandwiches, too

The included exclusive recipe book also has 33 items up its sleeve, such as simple toasted sandwiches, twin toasted sandwiches perfect for lunch, and even some creative recipes other than toasted sandwiches.

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