Slide Rack Oven Delicat


Place food on slide rack

Place your bread or other food on the slide rack, and close the door.

Set the timer

Set the timer to suit the recipe. If using a setting below “5,” first turn it past “6” and then turn it back.

Heating starts

Heating will start all at once, with four powerful heaters on top and bottom, and the inside of the oven will turn red.

The thermostat (automatic temperature adjustment device) will keep the set temperature, turning the light off if the temperature exceeds the set temperature, and turning it back on when the temperature lowers.

Remove when finished

The chime will ring when it’s done. Grip the slide rack handles and pull the rack toward you to remove your food.

Move the whole slide rack to the table

The whole slide rack can be removed, letting you place it on the table right away.

Cleanup after use

If you completely remove the slide rack, it’s easy to clean the inside of the oven, and you can easily and quickly wipe down the entire thing.

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