Slide Rack Oven Delicat

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions and weight of the bread or other foods that can fit into the slide rack?
You can use bread or other items within approximately 14 x 23cm in size.
The slide rack can hold a weight of 800g.
What is the size of bread that can be toasted two pieces at a time?
This product can fit two pieces of sandwich bread within dimensions of approximately 14 x 11.5cm.
How long does it take to toast two pieces of sandwich bread?
Two pieces of bread about 1.5cm thick will be toasted in about 3 minutes.
Four slices of mochi will take about 5 minutes, and 1 slice of frozen pizza will take about 10 minutes to cook.
Can this product toast bread with butter or jam?
Yes, but for this function, always use the included tray.
If oil or ingredients fall onto the heaters, this may cause sparking or fire.
Can the temperature be set?
The heaters turn off during cooking.
The heaters turn off automatically when a certain temperature has been reached, to keep the temperature inside the oven from getting too high.
The inside gets hot enough to cook, and this is not a defect.
When the temperature inside decreases to a certain temperature, the heaters will heat up again if the timer is still running.
What is the difference between the upper and lower levels?
You can adjust the distance between your food and the heaters depending on the positioning of the slide rack (upper/lower level).
See the included instruction manual and exclusive recipe book for details.
If ingredients touch the heaters on the top side, this may cause sparking or fire. Take caution.
Can this product be located near other items?
Place the product away from flammable items, as follows.
・Upper surface: at least 10cm
・Back surface: at least 4.5cm
・Side surfaces: at least 4.5cm
*Leave the space around front surface and one of the side surfaces free.
*Leave even more space for walls and furniture that are made of resin and vulnerable to heat.
Slide Rack Oven Delicat Maintenance
When cleaning and maintaining this product, always remove the power cord from the outlet, and do not start until the main body and each component have cooled completely.
■Main body (outer surfaces, interior)
・Wet a soft cloth with water, wring completely, and wipe away soiling.
・For heavier soiling, wet a cloth in kitchen detergent diluted in water, wring it well, and wipe the soiling. Then, completely wipe away moisture with a dry cloth.
■Slide rack and tray
・Wash thoroughly after use, and wipe away moisture quickly with a soft cloth.
■Bread crumb receptacle
・Pull out the receptacle, and remove bread crumbs and other soiling.

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