Slide Rack Oven Delicat


Feature 01


Convenient slide rack can be completely removed!

With récolte’s original slide rack, the whole rack can be removed. You can take it out and do your prep work in a spacious area, place it on the table after cooking and while it’s still hot. Well-loved for its user-friendliness. After use, all you have to do is take out the rack and quickly wipe down the inside of the empty main body, for easy cleanup!

  • The slide rack comes out easily if you hold the handles on each side and pull toward yourself. And when you make pizza toast, for example, you can do your prep right on the slide rack when you remove it ahead of time, and return it to the oven without spilling, for easy cooking.

  • Your prep will go smoothly for gratin and frittatas too, by adding ingredients to the dish after placing it on the slide rack separate from the oven.

  • The handles of the slide rack do not get hot, so you can safely remove it while your food is still piping hot, and place the whole slide rack right on the table.

  • When the slide rack is fully removed, it’s easy to quickly clean the inside of the oven.

Feature 02


Slim and narrow design

This design doesn’t take up much space even though it can make two pieces of toast at a time, so you won’t have trouble finding a place for it. You’ll enjoy its compact size that fits into a small space on your table or countertop.

  • Amazingly, it fits into a space the size of an A4 piece of paper, staying out of the way in your kitchen or on your table.

  • Slim width at the front!

  • Depth that lets you line up two pieces of bread.

Feature 03


Unique construction for even tastier cooking

With the Slide Rack Oven Delicat’s unique design that quickly heats without letting warmth escape, you can make tasty toast and other kinds of cuisine.

  • Equipped with two heaters top and bottom in this compact main body, the entire interior heats up quickly.

  • The two upper heaters use far-infrared radiation. This traps in moisture while quickly baking the surface of your food, and fully warms it up to the core. It makes delicious toast that’s fluffy on the inside and aromatic on the surface.

  • Made with raised dimples that diffuse heat. With grooved wall surfaces, the heat is reflected and scattered, circulating throughout the inside of the oven, for efficient heating.

  • Designed with a small glass window, to keep heat from escaping.

Feature 04


Anyone can get make great food with these simple exclusive recipes

The first half of the included exclusive recipe book features creative ideas for toast and baked sweets perfect for the morning or for your days off. The second half features snacks for drinking, and grilled food. Simple food that can be made easily will come out another level better.

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