Kaffe Duo Paus


Pour water into water tank

Open the lid, and add water for the necessary number of cups to the water tank (do not add water beyond the MAX symbol).

Attach the gold filter

Set the gold filter into the filter holder, and set this onto the water tank.

Add coffee grounds

Using the included measuring spoon, add enough coffee grounds for the necessary number of cups to the gold filter. Spread the coffee grounds evenly, and close the lid.

Set the coffee cups

If using 1 cup, set it in the center, and if using 2 cups, set them side by side.


Turn the power switch on (it will light up), and dripping will start. When dripping has finished, the power will automatically turn off (and the light will turn off). If you wish to turn off the power during brewing, press the manual off button. The power will go off, and dripping will stop.

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