Kaffe Duo Paus


Feature 01


Round form and soft colors

A form that’s rounded no matter which angle you look from, and coloring that’s reminiscent of Scandinavian countries. This coffee maker is perfect for interior design.

  • Shaped like a coffee bean.

  • Comes with two original ceramic cups to match the color of the main body (1 cup = 160ml).

  • The récolte logo is written on the bottom of the cups.

Feature 02


Perfect for one or two people

Make one cup or two, by adjusting the amount of water and coffee grounds! Make just the amount of coffee you want, right when you want it.

  • To make one cup, put the cup in the center of the tray.

  • To make two cups, line up the two cups next to each other and they’ll fit perfectly in the tray.

Feature 03


Easily make genuine drip coffee

Made with a stainless steel “gold filter” that lets you easily enjoy the coffee’s genuine flavors. Makes genuine coffee while also having a design that is reassuringly low-energy. Cleanup is easy too.

  • When you make coffee with the stainless steel gold filter, you can enjoy the coffee’s genuine flavors.

  • The components can be removed from the main body and washed, for easy cleanup!

  • When coffee brewing is finish, the power turns off automatically, for a safe energy-saving design.

  • The cup plate is grooved to keep the cups from slipping.

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