Ice Cream Maker


Freeze the cooling container

Freeze the cooling container in the freezer for at least 14-16 hours before use.

Mix ingredients

Put the ingredients into a bowl or other separate container, and mix.

Put ingredients into cooling container

Put the cup into the pre-frozen cooling container, and pour in the mixed ingredients.

Attach the main body

Attach the main body with the paddle to the cooling container.

Turn on the switch and start stirring

Turn on the switch on the main body, and stir for about 15-20 minutes. For hand-stirring, mix with the included spoon. You can make while watching the ice cream take form (15-20 minutes to complete).


Remove the main body, and scoop out the completed ice cream with the included spoon or a rubber spatula. Remove all of the ice cream and mix it as a whole to make the texture even.

Cleaning After Use

Everything but the main body (the cooling container, cup, paddle, and spoon) can be fully washed, so cleanup is easy.

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