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Absolutely delicious even though it’s easy! Airy, smooth ice cream

Whether electrically or by hand, by mixing and perfectly adding air with the exclusive paddle, make ice cream with an airy and smooth texture. One bite and you’ll recognize the difference of this tasty treat. Since you get to choose the ingredients, you don7t have to worry about additives or allergies. You can also adjust the sweetness and the calories to your liking, and make ice cream that’s both healthy and delicious. Have fun easily making ice cream with the kids, with family, or with friends!

  • Enjoy all kinds of handmade ice cream with fruit or your favorite ingredients.

  • Handmade ice cream is airy and smooth. Enjoy it fresh-made, any time. If you like your ice cream harder, you can put it in the freezer! The taste of handmade ice cream is on another level!

  • Making it by hand makes snack time fun and full of discovery when you make it with kids.

  • Handmade ice cream also means you don’t have to worry about additives, and you get to leave out ingredients you don’t like or are allergic to. You can also cut down on the sweetness or the calories!

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It doesn’t take up much space in the freezer! The cooling container is one of the smallest in the industry.

The cooling container is used after freezing it in the freezer ahead of time (14-16 hours or more). If it’s too big, it’ll take up a lot of space, but récolte’s Ice Cream Maker is a slim cylinder that can be placed straight up, and easily stored away.

  • Add ingredients to the cooling container after it’s been completely cooled in the freezer ahead of time, blend, and it’s done!

  • You can easily prepare the container as usual, so you can make ice cream whenever you want to eat it.

  • Maximum capacity is 200ml. It makes two cups of ice cream at once.

  • If it’s frozen at an angle, the coolant will freeze unevenly, and this will cause the ingredients to freeze unevenly, making it difficult to make ice cream.

  • Since this ice cream maker is a slim, stable cylinder that can be stored straight up, the coolant freezes in the correct place, and you can efficiently make ice cream that freezes evenly.

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Comes with 12 exclusive recipes

Featuring a total of 12 recipes, including simple vanilla and chocolate, fruit and vegetable ice cream, and treats made without dairy products or without eggs. Full of recipes that just involve mixing the ingredients, they can be easily made by anyone! Enjoy delicious fresh-made ice cream whenever you like, without having to worry about additives.

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Get creative with cookies or wafers

When your favorite ice cream is ready, put it into a glass or cone, or sandwich it between cookies or wafers… We recommend getting creative, combining handmade ice cream and other things you like.

  • Make any kind of original ice cream you like.

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