Ice Cream Maker

Frequently Asked Questions

The ice cream doesn’t turn out good.
If the ice cream doesn’t harden after 15-20 minutes of stirring, the cause could be one of the following. Check the surrounding environment.
(1) The cooling container is not completely frozen
・Use a freezer with a freezer code *** (three stars) or more set by JIS standards, and set the temperature to -18°C or lower.
・Place the cooling container in the back of the freezer, and open and close the doors as little as possible.
・Freeze the cooling container standing straight up. Do not let it lean to one side, obstruct the opening area, wrap it in anything, put anything into it, or stand it upside down.
・Freeze for 14-16 hours or more.
*Freezing methods will differ depending on the type, status, and years of use of the freezer. If the above conditions are met and it still does not freeze, freeze the container for a longer period of time.
(2) The ingredients are hot
Let the ingredients cool. Cool them in the freezer for 1-2 hours ahead of time to make the ice cream faster.
(3) The quantity of ingredients is mistaken
Do not add more than the maximum capacity (200ml) of ingredients to the container. See the included exclusive recipes for details.
The ice cream that was made is too soft. / What should I do to make hard ice cream?
Freshly-made ice cream has a somewhat soft and smooth texture. If you prefer hard ice cream, move your ice cream into a freezable container and let it freeze and harden in the freezer.
*Do not refreeze or store ice cream in the cooling container. This may cause the cooling container to deteriorate or be damaged.
During operation, the main body moves up and down. Is it broken?
As the ice cream hardens, the main body set into the cooling container may move up and down, but it is not broken. If the main body moves, turn it off temporarily and check the status of the contents inside the cooling container. If the ice cream is not ready, stir the contents on the inside surface of the cooling container once with the included spoon, reattach the main body, and continue stirring.
The paddle stopped turning during stirring. Is it broken?
If the ice cream gets too hard, the paddle may stop turning, but it is not broken. If the paddle stops turning, turn it off temporarily, and check the status of the contents inside the cooling container. When the estimated length of time has been reached, always turn it off temporarily and check the status of the contents inside the cooling container.
During operation, the main body gets hot. Is this unusual?
If the product is used for longer than the continuous operation time (30 minutes), the motor of the main body may overheat and cause damage. If you need to operate it for longer than 30 minutes, start operation again after letting it rest for at least 90 minutes. If the product gets unusually hot or gives off an unusual smell within the continuous operation time, stop using it.
Cleaning the Ice Cream Maker
■Items that can be washed in water: cooling container, cup, spoon, paddle
1. Dilute dishwashing detergent with cold or warm water and wash with a soft sponge.
2. Rinse with pure water and let dry completely.
■Items that cannot be washed with water: main body (including power cord and power plug)
1. Soak a soft cloth in dish detergent diluted in cold or warm water, wring well, and wipe.
2. Completely wipe with a dry cloth. *After cleaning, let dry completely, and store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
*Do not use a dishwasher for this product.
Can it be washed in a dishwasher?

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