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Preparation of the main body

Prepare the main body.

Set up the water tray

Set the water tray into the main body. Set it at the same level as the insertion point for the heater that is on the side of the main body and water tray.

Set up the heater

Insert the heater from the heater insertion point.

Pour water in the water tray

Put water into the water tray. Add roughly up to the protruding section at the heater insertion point, where you inserted the heater (about 700ml).

Attach the plate

Choose the plate you will use, and attach it.

Turn the temperature dial and start heating

Adjust the temperature dial to suit the food you are cooking. Preheat by covering with the lid to make the plate heat up more quickly. If the plate gets hotter than the set temperature, the thermostat (automatic temperature adjustment device) will work to automatically stop the heat (the light will go off). When the plate goes back down to the set temperature, heating will begin again, keeping the plate at a fixed temperature.

Cleaning after use

Remove the heater after the plate, main body, and heater have cooled. All of the components can be disassembled, so aside from the heater, all components can be completely washed in water.

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