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Feature 01


Boasting great firepower! It even cooks thick, delicious steaks.

Equipped with a powerful heater that maintains high temperatures. Cooks juicy, hefty steaks without letting go of the meat’s juices.


  • Cooks thick steaks with a crispy, golden-brown surface and a soft, juicy interior.

  • The powerful heater can handle temperatures from about 110C to 250C.

  • Adding water to the water tray keeps the high heat from the heater from transferring to the table.

Feature 02


Excess grease falls through holes in the plate, for tasty and healthy food

The included BBQ plate is designed with six holes to allow excess grease to fall through. You can grill fatty meat like pork belly, and make it tasty and healthy.

  • The grooved plate gives your food nice grill lines. Excess grease falls into the grooves, and falls through six holes away from the heater, into the water tray below.

  • After the grease has fallen through the holes into the water tray. The soiled water tray can also be completely washed in water.

Feature 03


Fully washable design, including the main body

Because you can remove the heater and wash everything from the plate to the main body, you can keep the product squeaky clean even after greasy meals, and not have to worry about stains. Maintenance is easy, you can wash the whole main body in a rack in the sink.

Feature 04


Five plates for you to enjoy all kinds of cooking

Five plates offering even more ways to enjoy tabletop cooking. The basic set includes the BBQ plate and the flat plate. Other options sold separately are the ceramic steam pot, the variety plates, and the takoyaki plate, offering all kinds of variety.

  • The BBQ plate (included) is grooved, and is used for grilling. Excess grease falls through six holes in the plate, making delicious and healthy food. Perfect for steak of course, but also roasted fish, and vegetable brochettes.

  • The flat plate (included) lets you enjoy a wide variety of cuisine, from grilling, to stir-fry, to okonomiyaki and pancakes. This all-purpose plate will make you want to leave it on the table all day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • The ceramic steam pot (sold separately) has been treated with a ceramic coating process that helps keep food from burning and sticking to it. You can use it for all kinds of food, like hotpot cuisine and rice cooked with seasonings and other ingredients. If you use the steaming plate, you can also enjoy all kinds of steamed food.

  • The variety plate (sold separately) has 6 round holes that are each 7cm in diameter and 2cm deep. Let your imagination run free, and the options are nearly endless, from ajillo or cheese fondues of various flavors, or mini pancakes or rice burgers all the same size.

  • The takoyaki plate (sold separately) can cook 15 takoyaki in large balls with a diameter of 4.5cm. The plate’s edges are high, so you can put in plenty of batter without worrying about it overflowing. Anyone can easily make perfectly round takoyaki. The holes have a broad diameter, so you can even use this plate to make round grilled rice balls, round omelets, and mini hamburgers. Convenient for side dishes for box lunches and parties!

Feature 05


Worth a look! Comes with a large-sized recipe book

An A4-size exclusive recipe book is included with this product, featuring 20 recipes for stylish BBQ ideas, various grilled foods, stir-fries, and crepes, that can all be made with the BBQ plate and the flat plate. Each of the separately sold optional plates also come with their own exclusive recipe books.

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