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Frequently Asked Questions

Does there always need to be water in the water tray, for any plate being used? What happens if water is not added?
Always add water to the water tray, for any plate being used. When used without water, the product may generate more smoke when cooking, or damage the table by raising its temperature. Abnormal heat may cause deformation, damage, or fire.
How much water should be put into the water tray?
Add about 700ml of water, to the protruding section at the heater entry point on the inside of the water tray. The water in the water tray will evaporate during cooking. If using the product for more than roughly one hour, check the water level, and add more if it has gone down. For details, see the instruction manual.
Can each of the plates be used separately from the Home BBQ, such as with open fire or induction stovetop?
Do not use any of the plates with heat sources other than the Home BBQ. This may damage the coating, and ruin the shape of the plate, rendering it unusable.
The heater grip (handle) gets hot. Is it damaged?
It may get somewhat hot when the power is on because the electricity consumption is high, but this is not an issue that affects the use of the product.
Cleaning the Home BBQ
■Can be washed with water: all plates, main body, lid, water tray
Wipe with a dry cloth. Do not put or pour water onto the heater set.
1 . Dilute dishwashing detergent in cool or warm water, wash the parts with a sponge or soft cloth, and rinse with water.
2. Remove moisture with a dry cloth, and dry thoroughly.
■Cannot be washed with water: the heater set (heater handle, temperature dial)
Can it be washed in a dishwasher?

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