Capsule Cutter Quatre


Put ingredients into the cup

Place ingredients into the cup, after attaching the blade.

Attach the cover to the main body

Attach the cover and the main body to the cup with ingredients, and plug in the product.

Press the push button

Use one hand to firmly support the main body, and the other to hold down the push button and blend the ingredients. Use continuous pushes by pressing and holding down on the button when you want to finely chop ingredients or make them smoother. Use pulse pushes, pressing and releasing for about one second each time, when you want to start to process hard ingredients or when you want to roughly chop.

Remove the ingredients

When finished blending, remove the blade, and use the included original spatula or other object to remove the ingredients inside.

Cleanup after use

Aside from the main body, the cup, blade, and cover can all be removed and washed completely.

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