Capsule Cutter Quatre

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t press the switch…
The product is designed so that the switch cannot be pressed if the components are not correctly attached to the main body. Firmly set the concave part of the cover all the way into the convex part of the cup, and set the cover’s hook firmly into the groove of the safety lock on the main body. See the included instruction manual for information about how to set up the product.
The main body heats up when in use. Is it okay to continue using it?
Using the product beyond the standard time rating (1 minute) will cause the rotating parts of the motor and blade to overheat and may cause damage. Keep to the standard time rating. Furthermore, give the product enough time to cool down between uses.
The ingredients just go around in circles, without blending.
Use pulse pushes a few times to start (press the button for one or two seconds, and release). This will make it easier for the ingredients to stay in place and to blend. If ingredients are stuck to the sides of the cup, remove the cover for a moment and push the ingredients down with a spatula before running the product again.
What is the difference between the Solo Blender series and the Capsule Cutter Quatre?
The Solo Blender series is meant to blend combinations of liquids and regular ingredients, and make things like smoothies and purees. The Capsule Cutter Quatre is used to finely chop ingredients, crush ice into small pieces, and to process solid items into smaller pieces.
Can this product grate daikon radish??
Yes. If there is not enough radish, it may just rotate around the in circles, so use at least about 50g of the ingredient to grate it. When the daikon radish does not have enough moisture, it may not be able to be grated properly. See how it looks, and add a small amount of water and blend if necessary.
Can this product grind coffee beans?
This product is not suited to grinding coffee beans.
Can it be washed in a dishwasher?
Cleaning components that cannot be washed in water
Wipe off soiled parts with a well-wrung cloth, rag, or paper towel. Do not wash the main body in water under any circumstances. This may lead to short-circuiting, electric shock, or damage.

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