Capsule Cutter Quatre


Feature 01


Completely master every task with four powerful blades: mincing, mixing, kneading, crushing, and breaking

With four powerful blades, take any ingredient, whether vegetable, meat, or fruit, and chop, mince, or turn it into a paste, however you like. With this one tool, take care of every troublesome part of your cooking prep without having to change any attachments.

  • Speedy mincing of vegetables. The vegetables are cut right in the cup, so your kitchen stays clean, and you can work efficiently.

  • Mincing meat is simple! Make minced meat just to your liking, using fresh meat and the parts you like best.

  • Crush hard ice into small pieces in the blink of an eye! Make shaved ice, or top crushed ice with alcohol.

  • You can even easily make soft gelato from frozen fruit. After you make gelato, you can freeze it once more to make ice cream or sherbet.

Feature 02


A simple and easy-to-use design. Just put in the ingredients and push down!

By using both pulse pushes (pressing and releasing for one second each time) and continuous pushes (pressing and holding), you can make do a wide range of food prep and cuisine. Because the design is so simple, the user-friendliness is unrivaled, and cleanup is easy too. Another great feature is how compact it is; it won’t get in the way even if you leave it out in your kitchen.

  • Only four components: main body, cup, cover, and blade. The cup is made with durable Tritan resin.

  • All parts but the main body can be fully washed. With so few parts, cleaning is easy. The potentially difficult seal on the cover can also be removed, so you can always use the product at its cleanest.

  • Comes with an exclusive, original spatula to make it easy to get things out of the cup.

  • The original spatula’s shape fits the cup, making it easy and convenient to remove ingredients.

Feature 03


Full of recipes you’ll want to try! Comes with an exclusive recipe book

Full of appealing and unique recipes you’ll want to make, from food prep information, to dips, pates, sausages, and other foods you’ll be able to make right away with the Capsule Cutter Quatre, as well as sweets like ice-cold gelato and desserts. Your repertoire will grow.

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