Raclette & Fondue Maker Melt


Feature 01


Enjoy restaurant-style melty cheese right at home

Enjoy your favorite restaurant raclette as the Swiss do, at home and at the table. Top grilled items and steamed potatoes with melted cheese, and eat it while it’s piping hot!

  • Grill vegetables or meat on the grill plate on top, and melt your favorite cheese, like Raclette, on the mini pans below at the same time.

  • Complete your raclette by pouring melted cheese onto your freshly grilled ingredients.

  • The two mini pans can be inserted from either side.

  • Non-stick coating for easy cheese removal.

Feature 02


Make cheese or chocolate fondue, or bagna càuda dip

Use the included cocottes to cook right at the table, making cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, or bagna càuda .

  • Melt cheese in a cocotte to make cheese fondue. Enjoy with boiled vegetables or meat.

  • Melt chocolate in a cocotte to make chocolate fondue. Goes great with fruit or marshmallows.

Feature 03


A simple design; easy to use and easy to take care of

With a simple design, setup and cooking are easy. Cleaning is also easy, as everything but the main body can be detached and washed.

  • The Melt comes with a main body, a two-way plate, two cocottes, two mini pans, exclusive recipes, and an instruction manual.

  • 1. The heater in the center warms both the upper and lower levels at the same time.
    2. The plate has two sides. For raclette, place the grooved side up to grill your favorite ingredients. For fondue, place the cocottes on the flat side of the plate to heat them.
    3. Put cheese in the mini pans to melt it. The non-stick coating allows the cheese to slide off easily, and keeps it from getting burned and stuck.
    4. When the temperature dial is turned to the right, a light will go on and heating will start. The heat level can be adjusted with the dial.
    5. Put fondue sauce or other ingredients in the cocottes to heat them. The cocottes can also be used in the microwave.

  • All parts other than the main body can be removed and completely washed.

  • Use the main body after wiping it with a dry cloth.

Feature 04


Easy tabletop cooking that doesn’t take up space

The main body size is compact: 29.5cm wide, 10.5cm deep, and 11cm high. Perfect as one item at a party, or for use as a side dish on a small dining table.

  • Its compact size leaves a lot of room to use the rest of the table.

  • A space-saving design that makes meals look delicious, and keep the table from feeling cramped. Fits anywhere when it’s time to put it away, too.

  • Small mini pans let you always eat cheese right when it’s piping hot.

  • Fits about 150g when filled to 80%. The cocotte’s size is perfect for enjoying different kinds of fondue sauce.

Feature 05


Includes recipes with commentary by a cheese expert

Complete with information about how to make raclette, how to make cheese or chocolate fondue, and hints for even tastier cooking. Also includes cheese expert Izumi Kajita’s cheese recommendations.

Feature 06


Enjoy raclette even more. Get creative with new arrangements.

Easily enjoying a change of flavors simply by changing the cheese or ingredients, or adding toppings or spices, is another thing that makes raclette great. We give tips to help you enjoy your Melt.

  • The basic raclette is a combination of potato and baguette with raclette cheese. Once you get used to the basic recipe, change up the flavor by changing the cheese or ingredients, for a new kind of tasty.

  • Soft cheese melts easily, and is perfect for raclette.
    Slice the cheese into 5-7mm slices, and keep them in the refrigerator until just before the meal to make it easier to use in cooking.

Feature 07


The flavors options are endless when you blend cheese!

Created a more profound flavor profile by blending two or three types of hard cheeses for your cheese fondue sauce. We give tips for enjoying cheese fondue with your Melt.

  • The basic way to enjoy the tastiness of melted cheese is to dip bite-sized pieces of bread. It can also be enjoyed with boiled vegetables or meat. We recommend cutting the bread about 30 minutes before the meal, to let some of the moisture out and allow it to better absorb the cheese. It’s also great to melt the cheese along with beer or milk instead of wine. Make a kind of “rice porridge” at the end, to enjoy every last drop of the sauce.

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