Raclette & Fondue Maker Melt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Raclette & Fondue Maker Melt?
It is a product that lets you enjoy popular Swiss and French home cooking at your table, such as cheese or chocolate fondue, and raclette, a dish in which raclette cheese is melted and poured onto potatoes or bread.
Can this product be used with cheese other than raclette cheese?
Yes. You can enjoy a wide variety of cheeses, including easy-to-find melty cheese, shredded cheese, camembert, and mozzarella.
Can ingredients other than cheese be placed in the mini pans?
Do not place ingredients that expand when heated, such as mochi (pounded rice cakes) or beaten eggs. Ingredients that do not expand, but could touch the heater directly and cause oil to splatter, should also not be placed in the mini pans.
When using the cocottes, can they be placed directly onto the heater?
Always set plate (flat side up), and place the cocottes of top of the plate.
Cleaning the plate and mini pans
Wash with a sponge containing neutral kitchenware detergent, rinse well, and remove moisture with a dry cloth. If there are any ingredients caked onto the items, they will be removed more easily after placing them in warm water for a while.

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