Grind & Drip Coffee Maker FIKA


Feature 01


Start with whole coffee beans or with grounds, and just set it up and press a button

Make delicious drip coffee automatically, either from coffee beans or from grounds. After putting in the beans or grounds and water, operation is simple with just the press of a button. Enjoy 1 to 4 cups of coffee.

  • Press the power button, then press the bean button when using coffee beans or the grounds button on the far right when using ground coffee, and the coffee will be made automatically.
    *For details,the How-to Pagesee .

Feature 02


Made with a flat blade that grinds beans uniformly and minimizes off-flavors

The flat blade gives off less frictional heat when grinding the beans than a propeller type, grinding the beans as if chopping them, and creating uniform grains. This mill handily brings out the true flavors and aromas of the coffee while minimizing off-flavors.

  • Flat blade mill

  • Before grinding

  • After grinding (medium-fine)

Feature 03


Steaming function that deepens the coffee’s flavor

Starting by properly steaming brings out the true delicious flavors of the coffee. When hot water is poured in, the expanding coffee grounds are said to “bloom,” in the sense of a flower opening up. With the Grind & Drip Coffee Maker FIKA,” this steaming function helps make delicious coffee with a profound flavor.

  • Steaming process (bloom) illustration

  • By starting with proper steaming that puts hot water throughout the coffee grounds, it becomes easier for the fats and oils of the coffee to blend with the hot water, getting a complete extraction of the coffee beans’ true delicious flavors.

Feature 04


Compact size that fits anywhere

Space-saving design that can fit in a space the size of a B5 piece of paper. The compact size fits easily into your kitchen or living room.
*Not including the handle of the glass pot.

Feature 05


Everything but the main body can be completely washed. Always clean

The glass pot, lid, permanent filter, mill, and filter holder can all be disassembled and completely washed, so you can always use it clean, without losing any of the flavor or aroma of the coffee.

  • Lid Permanent Filter Mill Filter Holder

  • The filter holder can be completely removed.

  • The components can be completely washed.

  • Wash after use, and let dry.

Feature 06


Economical, with no need for paper filters

Made with a permanent filter that can be washed and used over and over. No need for paper filters.

Feature 07


No need to worry about forgetting to turn it off with the automatic off function

After about 40 minutes after being switched on, the coffee maker turns off automatically. Drink warm, tasty coffee at your own pace even on busy mornings, and don’t worry about forgetting to turn it off, because the power will switch off automatically.

Feature 08


Comes with a dedicated cleaning brush and stand

You can attach the dedicated cleaning brush to the main body, conveniently helping you keep track of it.

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