Grind & Drip Coffee Maker FIKA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this product be used for grinding coffee beans only?
No, it does not have a function for grinding beans only.
If coffee beans remain unground in the mill, is it broken?
If there are beans remaining after crushing, they may not be fully ground. Check for coffee beans stuck in the flat blade mill section or the filter holder section. After dripping, remove all beans while washing with water, and use again after the parts have dried completely.
Can this product grind nuts or tea leaves as well?
Do not put anything other than coffee beans into the flat blade mill. This may cause damage.
When using this product with coffee grounds, what kind of grounds should I choose?
Fine- to medium-ground coffee grounds are suitable.
Please explain the quantities of beans or grounds and water to use.
・For 1 cup: 140ml water, 4 measuring spoons of coffee beans or grounds (about 16g)
・For 2 cups: 280ml water, 5 measuring spoons of coffee beans or grounds (about 20g)
・For 3 cups: 420ml water, 6 measuring spoons of coffee beans or grounds (about 24g)
・For 4 cups: 560ml water, 8 measuring spoons of coffee beans or grounds (about 32g)
*Adjust the amount of coffee beans or grounds according to your preference.
*Be careful not too add too many coffee grounds. They may stick to the shower head and cause blockage.
*Do not add more than 40g of coffee beans. This may cause the beans to remain in the flat blade mill.
Can paper filters be used?
If dripping does not occur, is it broken?
Check that you have added the amount of water necessary for the number of cups of coffee you want to make to the water tank, and that the filter holder and lid are firmly set into the main body.
Is there a notification function for when dripping has finished?
The mode light will go off to signify that dripping is complete.
How long can the pot be warmed?
The power will automatically turn off about 40 minutes after the start of dripping, and warming will stop.
How should the product be cleaned?
All of the included parts and components aside from the main body can be washed in water. Wash with a sponge soaked with neutral kitchen detergent, rinse well, and let dry completely. Coffee grounds can easily stick to the filter holder and the connection parts and center hole of the flat blade mill, so use the included brush to clean the parts well. The main body cannot be washed with water. When it is soiled, soak a soft cloth in dish detergent diluted in cold or warm water, wring it well, and wipe the main body. To finish, soak a soft cloth in water, wring well, and completely wipe away the detergent.
Can the inside of the water tank be cleaned?
The water tank can be cleaned with citric acid. If it becomes difficult for hot water to come out due to water residue, make a mixture of 1 part citric acid to 3 parts water, and complete the usual sequence for making 2 cups, without adding coffee beans or grounds. Repeat this several times depending on the degree of soiling, and finish by dripping water only to rinse the machine.
*Run the next drip process only after allowing enough time for the main body to cool.

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