Classic Kettle Libre


Feature 01


Classic form and color

The shape and color scheme of the Classic Kettle Libre is purely classic. This is a popular design that makes its surroundings look more chic just by its presence.

  • A design you’ll get attached to. It comes in four colors: silver, white, vintage red, and blue ciel.

Feature 02


Functional with a slim spout

Not only does it look great, it’s incredibly user-friendly! With 1000W of power to boil water quickly, only takes about 5 to 6 minutes to boil a full pot (0.8 liters). It’s also popular for the ease of being able to boil only the amount you want when you want it, right away.

  • Lightweight, at only 720g. It’s also cordless—convenient for carrying around.

  • The spout pours cleanly, perfect for making drip coffee.

  • It has a broad diameter when you open the lid, so cleaning is easy too.

  • This safe design lets you push down the lever below the handle to turn the switch on, and turns off automatically when the water is done boiling. Comes with a safety device for preventing empty simmering.

  • The handle shape is easy to balance, making it easy to carry.

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