Pour water into the water tank

Open the lid, and add the water in the amount you want to make to the water tank.

Add coffee grounds

Add coffee grounds for the amount of coffee you want to make to the permanent filter, using the included measuring spoon, and spread them evenly. (Approximate amount of coffee grounds: 2 spoons with the included measuring spoon for each cup)

Set the glass pot in place

Set the glass pot into the main body, and close the lid.

Turn the power switch on

Turn on the power switch (the switch will light up).


When the power switch is turned on, dripping will start.


When dripping is complete, your coffee is ready.

Automatic Off

The coffee is kept warm for about 30 minutes from the start of dripping, until the coffee maker automatically turns off.

Cleaning After Use

All parts but the main body can be removed and washed in water.

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