Frequently Asked Questions

Can paper filters be use?
Yes. Use filters in a size for 2-4 cups (usually marked “102” or “1x2”). When using a paper filter, remove the included permanent filter, and place the paper filter directly into the filter holder. Use a paper filter that fits the filter holder.
How long is the coffee kept warm?
From the moment the power switch is turned on until it automatically turns off, about 30 minutes later.
What should I do if I want to make 1 cup of coffee?
Measure 120ml of water in a measuring cup, and pour it into the water tank. Add about 8g (or the amount you prefer) of grounds and run the coffee maker.
How many spoons of the included measuring spoon should be used to make coffee?
One level measuring spoon is about 4g. For each cup of coffee (120ml), use roughly 2 measuring spoons (about 8g) of coffee grounds.
All included parts and components can be washed in water. The main body cannot be washed in water. If it gets soiled, soak a soft cloth in dish detergent diluted in cold or warm water, wring it well, and wipe the main body. To finish, soak a soft cloth in water, wring it well, and wipe away the detergent.

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