Smile Baker


Feature 01


Fun and easy cooking

With the Smile Baker, you can make perfect round pancakes, and small and cute gingerbread men. Compact and easy to use, it bakes in no time. Just pour the batter into the plate, and close the lid. Both sides are cooked at once, so it only takes 3 minutes to make a pancake!

  • The pancake plate lets you make perfectly round pancakes, just like in a restaurant.

  • The gingerbread man plate features a family of four, bringing smiles to adults and kids alike. Make them even cuter by decorating them with icing or toppings.

Feature 02


Pancakes & Gingerbread Men

Two kinds of plates you can remove and easily change out. Comes with the pancake plate for making clean round pancakes, and the small and cute gingerbread man plate.

  • It’s easy to change out the plates because it’s simple to remove them from the main body. In addition to these two plates, there are four optional plates (sold separately), like the waffle plate and the donut plate.

  • Comes with a compact storage plate holder so you won’t have to worry about finding space

  • Can be stored on its side, or stacked.

Feature 03


Four kinds of plates that bring more fun (sold separately)

In addition to the pancake plate and gingerbread man plate that come with the main body, there are four optional plates: the Nico-Poom plate, the smile plate, the waffle plate, and the donut plate! Easily change them out and enjoy making all kinds of food and sweets.

  • The smile plate lets you make little pancakes with unique expressions, with diameters of 4-6cm.

  • The Nico-Poom plate is a mold for making four baked sweets at a time, with cute expressions. You can fill sweets with cream or red bean paste, or make delicious grilled rice balls.

  • The donut plate can make 5 healthy baked donuts, 4.5cm in diameter, at a time, without using oil.

  • The waffle plate lets you easily make Belgian waffles with a diameter of 14cm, which can be separated into four quarters.

Feature 04


Comes with original exclusive recipes

The basic set includes exclusive recipes for pancakes, gingerbread men, and other creative recipes. Each of the 4 optional plates also comes with its own exclusive original recipes.

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