Smile Baker

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pancake plate and gingerbread man plate sold separately?
We offer them as components. Visit a store near you, or call our customer service center.
The plate can’t be attached to the main body anymore. What happened?
If the plate is heated while it is not correctly attached, the plate lock can become malformed and no longer be able to be attached to the main body. If that occurs, call our customer service center.
It stopped operating during use. What happened?
If oil or anything else flows in between the plates and the main body, the main body will get very hot, the temperature fuse will turn off, and the product will stop operating. Be careful not to let oil leak.
Cleaning the Smile Baker
■Main Body
Wipe off soiled parts with a well-wrung cloth, rag, or paper towel. Do not wash the main body in water under any circumstances. This may lead to short-circuiting, electric shock, or damage.
■Pancake Plate, Gingerbread Man Plate
Wash with a sponge and neutral kitchen detergent. After rinsing well, remove moisture with a dry cloth. Leaving the plates with water or soiling on them for an extended period may damage the coating.

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