Handy Blender Slim Plus


Feature 01


Slim and lightweight, it can easily be used with one hand

We want you to casually use this tool every day, so we were particularly fussy about creating a lightweight and slim design that isn’t tiring to use, even for women. The narrow section of the main body fits perfectly into a woman’s hand, so the design is easy to grip, slim, and lightweight. Product use is smooth, with a power switch and speed adjustment dial that can be operated while the product is in your hand.

  • This design has a narrow section that fits into a woman’s hand, and is easy to grip. Even better, it’s lightweight, coming in at only 550g.

  • Featuring a speed adjustment dial that’s easy to operate while in use.

  • Feel at ease with “smart lock” functioning that lets you lock the product so that it won’t operate even if the switch is pressed. You can also lock or unlock the product while holding it.

Feature 02


Two attachments to expand your fun in the kitchen

Comes with a blender for crushing fruits and vegetables and making soups and smoothies, and a beater that’s perfect for whipping merengue or cream, or making dressing. Simply switch out the attachments to get three functions: crushing, mixing, and whipping. Use it for food prep, making sweets, and for making baby food.

  • Easily switch between the blender and the beater.

  • The blender has a compact and powerful blade for smoothly crushing fruits and vegetables into soups or smoothies. It’s also convenient for use in other vessels like pots. Its high-speed rotation can also help you make your own mayonnaise.

  • The beater can be used to make whipped cream (essential for making sweets), whipping merengue, or for making dressing. Its two blades thoroughly and quickly blend even small amounts of ingredients.

Feature 03


For food prep and for storage. An exclusive cup that comes with a convenient lid

Comes with an exclusive cup that can of course be used for food prep, and also stores all of the parts in a compact way. Lightweight and sturdy, it’s easy to use. It has a clean look, so it won’t look out of place in your kitchen, either!

  • An exclusive cup for efficient food prep. Use it for making mayonnaise with the blender, or making merengue with the beater. Its gradations conveniently allow it to be used as a measuring cup, too.

  • A slim and tidy design. Everything fits into the exclusive cup, so storage is compact, too.

Feature 04


Simple components that can be taken apart for easy cleaning!

All of the components can be removed, so it you can wash them completely and always keep them hygienic. They can also be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Wash simply just by putting water into the cup and operating.

  • Comes with an original brush for cleaning the blades.

  • All parts can be removed, so everything but the main body is fully washable!

Feature 05


Carefully selected recipes you can use right away

Presenting recipes that expand your repertoire by using the blender and the beater. You’ll be surprised by how easily you can make items that look like they took a lot of time and effort!

Feature 06


We also offer a simple set of a blender and slender cup

For those who just want to enjoy a compact and powerful blender, we offer a blender and slender cup set.

  • A simple set of a main body, blender, and slender cup.

  • Everything fits into the slender cup for compact storage. It even has gradations convenient for food prep.

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