Handy Blender Slim Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this product mince meat or vegetables?
No. For that purpose, we recommend the Capsule Cutter Quatre.
Can this product break up ice or frozen ingredients (such as fruit)??
Do not use this product with hard ice or frozen ingredients just taken out of the freezer. However, this product does work with partially-thawed ice made in a home freezer, or if the ice is mixed with liquid. Do not use commercial ice with this product. The same is true for frozen ingredients; this product will work if they are half-thawed or mixed with liquid.
Are there ingredients that cannot be used?
Do not use the following ingredients with this product. They may cause damage or accidents, such as damaging the blades.
・Meat, bread dough or other dough, non-food items
・ Hard items: ice, frozen ingredients (*1), coffee beans, dried food
・Very sticky foods: sticky types of potatoes and root vegetables, etc.
・Foods with low water content: boiled potatoes (regular or sweet potatoes), pumpkin, etc. (*2)
・Foods above 40°C
(*1) These can be used if half-thawed, or if liquid is added.
(*2) These can be used if liquid is added.
Can the beater whip as little as one egg white?
The main body got hot when I used it. Is this unusual?
If the product is used for longer than the continuous running time (less than 1 minute for the blender, less than 2 minutes for the beater), the turning parts of the motor and blades will overheat, and may cause damage. If you need to use the product for longer than the continuous running time, run it again after stopping for at least 30 minutes. If the main body becomes unusually hot or gives off an unusual smell during use, stop use and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
Can this product be washed in a dishwasher?
■Parts that can be washed in a dishwasher: beater (metal parts), cup (excluding the lid)
*Follow the usage instructions for the dishwasher you have.
■Parts that cannot be washed in a dishwasher: main body, beater adapter, blender, lid
*For details about cleaning each component, see “Handy Blender Slim Plus Cleaning” on this page, or see the included instruction manual.
Cleaning the Handy Blender Slim Plus
■[The main body and beater adapter cannot be washed with water. Soak a soft cloth in soap water or a neutral detergent diluted with water, wring it well, and wipe away any soiling.
■Wash the end of the blender with a sponge soaked in a neutral detergent. Clean the inside of the blender guard using the included brush, being careful not to touch the blade. Rinse well, wipe away moisture, and let dry completely.
*Take care not to let the connection point with the main body get wet. If want gets into the interior, remove it, and wipe away moisture with a cloth.
*For stains that are difficult to remove, add a small amount of cool or warm water and neutral detergent to a metal cup, and turn the switch on and off about 10 times. This will help remove grime.
■Metal parts of the beater, cup, lid
Clean with a sponge and neutral detergent, and rinse well. Remove moisture, and allow to dry completely.
■Using a dishwasher
Components that can be washed with a dishwasher: beater (metal parts), cup (not including lid)
Components that cannot be washed in a dishwasher: main body, beater adapter, blender, lid

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