Smile Baker Mini

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the plates be removed?
Why are there suction cups on the legs?
There are suction cups on the rubber legs to keep the main body in place when opening the lid. When using this product, always attach the suction cups to a table or counter.
While it’s cooking, the upper part of the main body starts to lift up. Is it broken?
No. The batter will rise differently depending on the amount, the recipe, and the type of flour used. Adjust the amount of batter you pour in, and keep it from overflowing from the plate.
Batter sticks to the plate. What should I do?
Before use, spread a thin layer of cooking oil on the top and bottom plates.
Cleaning the plates
After the plates have cooled, remove ingredients or crust left on the plates’ surfaces, especially in the grooved areas, using a cooking brush with soft hairs. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

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