Waffle Bowl Maker


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Wholly delicious “edible bowls”

Make 3-D waffles, put anything you like inside the bowl-shaped waffle, and enjoy being able to eat the whole thing!

  • Create gorgeous desserts by adding fruit or ice cream to your waffle bowl.

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It’s simple with pancake mix!

Basic waffle bowls are easy to make with pancake mix. Enjoy any kind of cuisine you like depending on the arrangement, using batter that suits sweets, or sugarless batter that suits side dishes.

  • Make waffles in a bowl shape with the specially shaped plates.

  • Diameter 13cm. All kinds of ingredients can be put into the waffle bowl.

  • Easily make bowls of different sizes just by changing the amount of batter.

  • If you will not be eating it right away, you can cool it on a bowl of the same size, to help keep its shape.

  • Enjoy a crispy outer and fluffy inner texture.

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Many variations of the “edible bowl”

Enjoy a number of variations of the “edible bowl” by using regular ingredients. For example, if you add egg as a thickener, you can quickly change rice or yakisoba into batter!

  • Get more volume by turning rice or yakisoba into batter by adding egg as a thickener.

  • Make rice-flour dumpling waffles by baking rice-flour dumpling batter, or bowl-shaped French toast by baking bite-sized sandwich bread together.

  • You can make toast in about 1.5 minutes, perfect for a snack or for brunch. Make a ham toast bowl in the blink of an eye.

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20 recipes you’ll want to make every day

The included recipe book is full of items you can use in all kinds of settings, including breakfast, brunch, and entertaining. Enjoy your own “original waffle bowl” with the creative menu.

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