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Keep your opened bottles of wine tasted great!

Wine progressively oxidizes when it’s touched by air, and the flavor gradually changes as well. Use the ez WINE KEEPER to remove the oxygen from inside a partially-consumed bottle of wine to reduce the wine’s oxidation. It has a slim and stylish design that won’t get in the way even when it’s not in use. It also coordinates great with the ez WINE OPENERs of the same color.

  • Attach the ez WINE KEEPER to the opening of the wine bottle and push down a few times to release the air.

  • Comes in a set of two colors, olive green and red, so you can match the wine keeper to the wine.

  • The stopper is made of silicone for great sealing.

  • Comes with a date marker so you know when you opened it. After sealing the bottle with the wine keeper, turn while holding it down to change the date.

  • The position of the number will move from the L to the H as air is removed, giving you an idea of how much of the air has been taken out.

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