POT DUO esprit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the different models of the POT DUO series?
The size and included components are different. See each product page for details.
Can the optional steak plate be used with this product?
Can the optional TAKO plate be used with this product?
Can the optional silicone steam set be used with this product?
Please explain the meaning of the numbers by the knob.
With broad descriptions, 1=low heat, 2=medium heat, and 3=high heat. Please use them as guidelines when adjusting the heating temperature.
While using the product (during heating), the light on the main body switches on and off. Is it broken?
Because there is a device that controls the temperature and keeps it constant while heating, the light will go on and off depending on the temperature. It is not broken.
About the fluoride resin coating on the grill plate
Using hard metal spatulas will damage the fluoride resin coating and may cause it to peel. Furthermore, take care not to set it in water for an extended period of time, or to heat it while empty, as this may cause the coating to peel.
The first time I used the product, there was smoke or it gave off a smell. Is this unusual?
The product may smoke or give off a smell when it is first used, but this is unique to it being a new product, and is not unusual. These effects will disappear with use. However, if there is smoke or a smell after using the product several times, check for soiling or foreign objects stuck between the heating plate and other parts (such as the stainless steel bowl or grill plate).
Water doesn’t seem to boil. Is it broken?
Check that the grill plate is not still underneath the stainless steel bowl.
Some white material is stuck to the stainless steel bowl and it won’t come off.
White material that sticks to the stainless steel bowl is mineral content from water or ingredients. It is not harmful to your health, so the bowl can be used as is. If the appearance concerns you, add citric acid dissolved in water (3 parts water, 1 part citric acid) and boil.
Cleaning the Pot Duo esprit
When cleaning and maintaining this product, always remove the power cord from the outlet, and do not start until the main body and each component have cooled completely.
■Glass lid
Wash with a sponge and neutral kitchen detergent. After rinsing well, remove moisture with a dry cloth.
■Stainless steel bowl, grill plate, steaming rack, frying cover
Clean soon after use. Leaving excess food or ingredients in them, or setting them in water for too long, can lead to deterioration by damaging the coating or causing the metal parts to rust.
・Light soiling should be removed by wiping with paper towels while the product is still warm.
・For heavy soiling, wash with a sponge and neutral kitchen detergent.
・After rinsing to remove the detergent, remove moisture with a dry cloth, and dry completely.
■Main body
Wipe excess food pieces or oil stuck to the heating plate or outside of the main body with a well-wrung damp cloth. Do not wash the main body in water. This may cause short-circuiting, electric shock, or damage.
・Remove excess food pieces from around the heating plate using a bamboo skewer or similar.
・If there are food pieces stuck to the heating plate, wipe it with a well-wrung cloth.
・Using the product while still soiled may cause damage.
Can it be washed in a dishwasher?

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